We have all seen and heard the news of the surge of positive COVID-19 results among college students across the country most likely due to not social distancing and being in crowded bars and houses. Though these schools are making a valiant effort to enforce safe guidelines it is crucial for these students to know their status and now that can be done easier than ever.

Starting today through the end of the month students at all University of Minnesota campuses will have access to a FREE Saliva COVID-19 test. Lynne Williams, the UMD director of marketing and public relations said to WDIO:

We still have access to COVID testing on campus for our students. We still have access in the community to additional COVID testing for those who have symptoms so this is one additional resource in the mix of what's already available.

This testing is being conducted by Vault Health which is the same company doing the saliva test at the DECC right now.  For students interested in the test they can apply for the test online. From there once registered on the Vault Health website they will be issued an identification number and a kit will be mailed to them. They will then have a virtual meeting with a health care provider to take the test and mail it back to them. They will be e-mailed the results.

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As of October 9- 39 students at UMD have tested positive for COVID-19. Administrators are encouraged by the downward trend they have seen in cases in the last few weeks and will continue with the 10pm curfew for students living on campus, and also will continue to finish the semester online until Thanksgiving.

Hopefully students will take advantage of getting this very simple test, so they can be safe and help protect others in the community. UMD Staff will continuing to watch data and make any changes or adjustments as necessary.

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