There's a story circulating about a fan who was the inspiration for the song Jukebox Hero, now they are looking for a superfan to celebrate the musical.

According to the band's website, Mick Jones and Foreigner are looking for the teenager that is now-50-plus-year-old who may have been the person in their story of Jukebox Hero - The Musical. The Productions will have an exclusive limited engagement at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre from February 21st to 24th.

On the website the band says they are looking for that fan that may have been the Jukebox Hero, once found will join Mick Jones and Foreigner in Toronto for the world premiere event. Now Foreigner is looking for that ultimate fan by sharing a personal Jukebox Hero story at the Foreigner website by entering here.

The pitch on the website says,
FOREIGNER’s Jukebox Hero went above and beyond, standing in the rain for hours to see his favorite band. How far have YOU gone to prove your dedication to your favorite band? Have you met your musical hero? Been inspired by a musical experience? Share your story and you could join FOREIGNER at the World Premiere of Jukebox Hero: The Musical!
Here's how you enter, has to be in video form:

1. upload to youtube and share the link with the band with a link on the website.
2. make an Instagram video and tag @foreignerlive
3. make a facebook video and tag @foreigner

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