Now that cover of 'War Pigs' sorta makes sense.

After months of teasing, Foo Fighters have finally released the first song from their upcoming album, 'Sonic Highways.' It's called 'Something From Nothing,' and it sounds a little like a song by Black Sabbath vet Ronnie James Dio: 'Holy Diver.'

There's a menacing guitar riff guiding the new Foos song, which finally builds to a climatic finish, with frontman Dave Grohl shredding his well-toned vocal cords. That part doesn't sound so much like Dio's classic, but that first part certainly rings some bells.

You can listen to ‘Something From Nothing’ from above. And here's Dio's 1983 song, if you feel like comparing them:

'Something From Nothing' is the first full song to be released from the Foos' upcoming eighth album, which ties into the band's new HBO series that documents the making of the album. The show premieres tomorrow night; the album comes out on Nov. 10.

The group recorded the record in different studios across the country, working with collaborators from the cities in which they laid down sessions. Artists like Willie NelsonChuck DJoan Jett and Slash are all expected to make appearances.

"This album is instantly recognizable as a Foo Fighters record, but there's something deeper and more musical to it," Grohl said in a statement announcing the album. "I think that these cities and these people influenced us to stretch out and explore new territory, without losing our ‘sound'."

Meanwhile, the Foos return to 'Late Show With David Letterman' again tonight, when they'll be joined by Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen -- who just happens to play guitar on ‘Something From Nothing.’

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