Most of the collaboration happened over Google Meet. That's something hard for most people to overcome, these students from Two Harbors excelled.

WDIO is reporting that 5 Northland Robotics teams are representing the area in the First Lego League State Championship. The competition is already underway, but these teams had to work hard and work over COVID restrictions in order to put their projects together and make them good enough in order to compete at a certain level to move on.

Here are the 5 teams:

  • EV3 Lego Pros - Hermantown Elementary School
  • Super Smash Bots - Hermantown Middle School
  • The Team with No Name - Many Rivers Montessori (Duluth)
  • Spaceotics? - Lester Park Elementary (Duluth)
  • Robo Dweebs - Two Harbors

Robo Dweebs coach Jenna Udenberg told WDIO that this group has been working together on this project since August 1. They did everything over Google Meet, and they even had a theme for 2021. The Theme was Challenge is Exercise.

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Alex Stone told WDIO that this was a year when people weren't as active and that was their problem to solve. Erik Gishia chimed into WDIO that they tried to motivate people to want to do something to exercise but using technology to do it.

WDIO reports that the team came up with an app that Lizzy Radke says you can talk to other people, set personal goals, and complete missions. When you complete missions in 2.5 minutes you get points. They are going to add things to the app to make people go to parks and just get out and do things.

The State Championship has already begun and wraps up this Saturday.

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