Here's a fantastic idea that has been brought up in the Minnesota State Legislature. According to Kare11, Senator Justin Eichorn of Grand Rapids introduced the bill that would allow schools to teach firearm safety class, hunting, trap shooting, archery, and fishing to the physical education curriculum.

The pilot program introduced in the bill would have the Minnesota DNR provide the curriculum to six schools across the state. Tribal schools could also apply for the grant, and that would be in cooperation with the DNR.

The goal of offering the classes is to get kids away from screens and into the outdoors. It's a smart move, as the population of Minnesotans enjoying the outdoors is decreasing. Hunter numbers are down, there are less fishing licenses sold, and there just seems like there is something wrong with that for this great state. This can help turn that around and keep traditions alive. Our youth is so tied up with being in a virtual world that they are missing the truly wonderful parts of life in the outdoors.



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