As more people head out to enjoy the outdoors, it's good to be aware of the current fire danger in the area.

Currently,  the fire danger in Northern Minnesota is either high or very high, meaning that fires can start and spread easy or very easy in the area, so if you're heading out for the fishing opener be careful out there.

There are also a variety of burning restrictions throughout the sate and according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, "Until further notice, Minnesota's Township Fire Wardens will no longer issue burning permits."

Currently, in most of Northern Minnesota, there is no open burning allowed, but campfires are allowed. If you need any more information about the restrictions or need a variance call your local DNR Forestry Office, here is a list of all of them throughout the state. 

Bookmark this page to keep checking the current fire dangers and restrictions in the state. Remember that we need to keep resources available for those that really need them as we go trough the COVID-19 pandemic.

DNR Photo
DNR Photo


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