This woman was not going to give up without a fight.

Melissa Smith has gained more than a fair shame of fame after she posted video of herself jumping onto the hood of her car to fend off a man who hopped behind the wheel in an effort to steal it while at a gas station in Milwaukee earlier this week.

Smith had been pumping gas and left the keys in the ignition, giving the bandit a clear opportunity to drive away without fear that Smith would retaliate.

Yeah, it's a move that maybe only this guy would've bothered trying to pull.

The would-be carjacker eventually got out of the car, while it was still in drive, forcing Smith to get behind the wheel as it veered into traffic like she was the lead in the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The carjacker slipped into a waiting car at the station and drove away.

Smith did not suffer any injuries.

As for what possessed her to take such a brazen action, Smith told WITI, "I had this 'this is not happening to me reaction' and ran around, jumped around on my car, grabbed my windshield wipers, and didn't let go."

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