There is another scam circulating around the area and this one is a bit different than the others.

The FTC shared a press release this week, warning people of a new scam involving one-ring phone calls. It's being dubbed the "one ring scam" and here's how it works.

According to the report, you get a phone call from an unrecognizable number but it only rings one time. This is because the scammer in question wants you to call then back.

So why would a scammer want you to give them a call? Because the line is an international number. You will be charged for this with most of the money going to the scammer.

The scammers are targeting certain area codes at once. The FCC's advisory says that this is on purpose and usually happens in the middle of the night.

The FCC says you should not call the number back, report the scam call to them if you receive one, check your phone bill for unknown charges and consider calling your provider and asking them to block outbound international calls.

A Northland resident shared that she received one of these calls on the Duluth Police Department's Facebook page so use caution and don't call back if you don't know the number!

Scammers are getting more advanced, with similar situations occurring on Facebook, online websites and even in person.

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