A man claiming to be a drummer for Whitesnake was involved in a couple of incidents in Gloucester, Mass., last week. The man, whose name was not disclosed, was sent to a local hospital for evaluation.

According to the Gloucester Times, the man in question had been discovered sleeping in a doorway of an apartment building on Jan. 2. A cab was dispatched to take him home. However, he did not have a known address so, like a drifter, he was born to walk alone.

Three hours later, he was spotted again at a local business, and presumably was causing enough trouble that police were called in to intervene. At this point, he announced that he was the drummer for Whitesnake, but it was quickly determined to not be the case, and he was taken away.

Then again, Whitesnake have a history of rotating lineups -- with eight different men occupying the drum stool since 1979 -- so maybe this guy was in there for a spell too brief to make the band’s Wikipedia page.