Who loves fall?  If there's anything better than summer in the Northland, it's a beautiful fall season - with colored leaves, cooler temperatures, and tons of fun stuff to do.

That's why Explore Minnesota - the tourism arm of the State of Minnesota - has decided to offer a fun (and convenient) way to find those activities, get information about those events, and even save some money along the way.

It's called the MN Fall Passport.  And it's completely mobile and tech-forward.  According to the Explore Minnesota website, the tool is the best way to experience autumn in our state:

"[The MN Fall Passport]...mobile exclusive....is a collection of curated attractions, retailers, restaurants, and more offering deals and discounts to redeem during your visit."

The state agency offers that the passport isn't an app; there's nothing to download.  You sign up for the tool and it's "delivered to your phone via text and email".  However, like an app, there is an option to save the passport to your phone's home screen so you can access it easier.

Once you have the MN Fall Passport, you'll find suggestions and details about all sorts of fun activities and stops waiting throughout the state.  You can even take advantage of discounts provided by participating businesses; the Passport provides the details on how that works, varying from business to business.

The MN Fall Passport even provides a little bit of adventure.  The more places you visit, the more activities your particular Passport will be digitally-served; sort of like an adventure map or hunt.

Explore Minnesota has the MN Fall Passport available right now.  The fun runs through November 30.

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