Recently I was at Birch Island Bar in Wisconsin enjoying a fish fry and a few beverages. After some time I ventured into the restroom and while I was doing my thang I noticed something on the wall that not only was an eye opener, but a great idea. Although, I’m sure if you had to use it, it would be a very awkward situation.

Many people have gone from meeting potential date material at grocery stores, churches and bars to on line dating. While on line dating opens up the possibilities and ability to meet more people than just the ones you happen along face to face, it also can evoke a potential dangerous situation. You can do all the research on “that person”  you want, unfortunately information on line can be deceiving and altered to make them out to be almost too good to be true.

Here’s one scenario: You’ve accepted a date with someone (you should always MEET them in a public place first so they don’t know where you live) and you end up at Birch Island (again, this is just one scenario) or any bar USA. There’s just something about the other person that rubs you wrong, your personality clashes, there’s awkward pauses, they’re coming on too strong and you’re made to feel uncomfortable. You dread having to get into a car alone with that person or have them walk you to your vehicle because suddenly you see a red flag and your guard is up. What do you do?

In the particular bar we were at, they had the sign in the picture above on the bathroom wall in both the women and men’s bathrooms. They provided a number to call to talk to someone, offered a ride home or to where you may have parked your car or even just a walk to your vehicle. The bartenders and staff that work in the establishments that have these signs have been properly trained on what to do if someone comes to them needing discreet help. Unfortunate situation, but a great idea to help thwart a potential dangerous situation.

I’m not sure if we have this Embrace service in Minnesota and I wondered if people involved with Embrace had a similar situation and therefore started the helpful service but thank them for their willingness to come up with the idea and implement it in our bars to keep people safe. I’ve been married for 12 years so I haven’t been in the dating scene, but my daughter dates and I have always told her if she felt weird during a date she could always call me or her dad, not everyone has that option so I’m glad that there are people who care and are there to be a safeguard for others.

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