We'll need to wait until Sept. 17 to wrap our ears around Elvis Costello's full-length collaboration with the Roots. But in the meantime, we can at least savor the set's first taste.

'Walk Us Uptown,' the lead single from Costello and the Roots' upcoming 'Wise Up Ghost' album, is out now -- and like most singles these days, it's been given the lyric-video treatment. Opening with some brief shots of Costello and Roots drummer Questlove sitting down at a windup record player, the clip superimposes the song's lyrics over the spinning LP. It's not the most dynamic video Costello has ever released, but it does at least highlight his still-sharp way with words.

As for the song's sound, it's definitely another shift for the ever-restless singer-songwriter. While 'Walk Us Uptown' doesn't include any rap verses from the Roots' brilliant MC, Black Thought, it struts behind a hip-hop-inflected groove, with an insistent horn riff punctuating the melody. It's essentially a continuation of the soul-influenced work the Roots have recorded in recent years, both on their own and with collaborators like Betty Wright and John Legend.

'Wise Up Ghost' is Costello's first album since 2010's 'National Ransom.'

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