Ellen DeGeneres is under fire after comparing quarantine in her palatial mansion to prison.

The talk show host released the first episode of her show while in quarantine on Monday (April 6), during which she compared being isolated due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) to life in prison.

Fans were at first thrilled that she was returning to film her talk show as soon as possible "because it's really for people who are stuck at home and especially my staff and crew." She shared her love for them and explained that she wanted to support her crew and her viewers by keeping the show on the air.

However, moments into her first segment she made the joking comparison, "One thing that I've learned from being in quarantine is that this is like being in jail."

Backlash to the tone-deaf remark quickly ensued on social media, where people criticized DeGeneres for complaining about being isolated in her sprawling Beverly Hills home, complete with floor to ceiling windows and a pool. (Users on social media revealed that her home is reportedly worth $27-$33 million.)

People were also upset that she used the comparison when people who are indeed currently incarcerated are contracting COVID-19 at an alarming rate.

See fan reactions, below.

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