As schools across the Northland (and across the nation) shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are left looking for ways to both entertain and - perhaps more importantly - educate their children that are left at home.  While many schools have rolled out plans to continue learning via online methods, there is still a concern by parents that this time-period at home doesn't turn into a free-for-all or a vacation away from their education.

Almost immediately, many nationally-based education companies started announcing that they were making their online services - which normally require a fee or subscription - free.  The list is also quite helpful for families who choose to homeschool their children.

A quick review of the list turns up some familiar names - but the majority of the companies and services are perhaps new to most; they run the gamut from reading and math to the sciences, art, independent-thinking, and more.  Click here to see the full list.

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