It’s known that before he was Eddie Money, Rock Star, he was Eddie Mahoney, New York Police Officer. Apparently things have gotten so bad in his singing career that he’s had to go back to a day job, running his own travel agency — and he’s loving it.

No, that’s not the latest “Where Are They Now” expose, but a new commercial for GEICO insurance. The company continues its habit of coming up with silly and skewed ad campaigns that don’t involve cavemen or animated, talking lizards. Here, a family of four is sitting in from a desk when the star emerges from the inner office, reveals a couple of pieces of paper and begins singing the chorus to his hit ‘Two Tickets to Paradise.’

The family is confused. First, the father says, they’re leaving next month, not tonight. And, as the mother reminds him, they need four tickets, not two. But Money doesn’t pay them any mind, he goes right on singing.

Then we see Ronnie and Jimmy, GEICO’s bluegrass-playing pitchmen (coincidentally, Ronnie looks an awful lot like a young, slimmer Steve Earle), who claim that people who have switched to GEICO are happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.

Money is not the first musician they’ve snagged for their ads. In previous years, Little Richard, Burt Bacharach and the Pips have appeared in their spots.

Watch Eddie Money Sing ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ in a GEICO Commercial


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