A wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Eddie Money's former drummer has been amended to include claims that Money sexually harassed the plaintiff's fiancee.

Billboard reports that Glenn Symmonds filed the suit last October, claiming he'd been dismissed from Money's band due to his age and an assortment of infirmities related to bladder cancer and a back injury. The original claim alleged that Symmonds suffered emotional distress because of Money's unwelcome advances toward his fiancee, Tami Landrum — and now Landrum has joined the amended suit.

According to the report, Landrum has claimed that Money "repeatedly made sexual comments to her and often tried to kiss her on the mouth" during Symmonds' tenure in the band, and alleged that his advances included a lewd display during a private party in 2013, when she told attorneys he "unzipped his pants, and put his thumb through his zipper (intending his thumb to look like his penis) and began to gyrate his hips and dance while he wiggled his thumb" while facing Landrum during a performance of "Think I'm in Love" he'd dedicated to her.

The suit also accuses Money of "constant ridicule and harassment" where Symmonds is concerned, saying their "decades of friendship" were damaged beyond repair by insensitive jokes and hurtful remarks. For example, Symmonds accuses Money of telling a crowd that their current tour was sponsored by Depend adult diapers — a reference to the incontinence he was suffering as a side effect of chemotherapy.

Money is denying any inappropriate behavior, and claims Symmonds was fired for his conduct after what was supposed to be a temporary layoff. "Plaintiffs are shameless scammers looking to shake down Eddie because he is a celebrity," said Money's attorney. "Eddie intends to take vigorous and aggressive legal action to counter these outrageous and blatantly false allegations against him."

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