Whiskey Trail is made up of Heidi Pack and Jake Birdseye wanted to pass on a Thank You to their fans.

Over a month they sent out emails and texts and facebook messages telling their fans, friends, and family to vote to them for the Taste Of Country Hometown Risers. After the smoke cleared, the band took 4th nationally.

I got a moment to speak to the band and both Heidi and Jake were incredibly disappointed they didn't win but were pleasantly surprised that they did so well, and so thankful to the Twin Ports fanbase for voting and giving them a good showing.

It's been a busy year since the duo came on the scene and instantly became a fan favorite. This Summer they will be spending their time opening up for big shows and festivals, including the Tyler Farr/Nelly, show that will be at the Bayfront, as well as other top names.

Now they are working on putting together an EP and need your help as well, just a little. If we could get 10,000 people to give a dollar, this thing can happen!!

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