November will be a busy month for Men's, Women's, and mixed doubles teams trying to qualify for the Olympics.

There are 6 teams of each and will play a round-robin design and then the teams with the best records will make it to a playoff event. John Shuster's team has changed a little but his team is still the team to beat. The women's side is a little more open but Team Christensen, with Cory Christensen skipping, is from Duluth and the Duluth Curling Club.

The Trials will take place at Baxter Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. John Shuster's wife posted on Facebook with a picture of the arena and a caption and also lists of the teams playing and when they play.

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I had a conversation with John Shuster a while back about the trials and now that his team has done so well, does that give him more confidence. He said yes, but he also said that with the success there is a target on your back, everyone wants to beat you because you are the defending champ and the team that has represented America.

He said it makes his team better because everyone brings their "A" game and throws their best at his team. This year people that pay to see the competitions can take classes to learn how to curl. People can sign up to volunteer for the event. Watching the event is also like hockey, you can get a corporate box to enjoy the matches.

Team Shuster will defend their title and Team Roth will defend the women's title.

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