A controversial proposed ordinance gets a public hearing - an opportunity to learn more details and to make your voice heard;  the session will happen Monday, February 26 - 5:45 PM in the Duluth City Council Chambers.

As proposed, the ordinance would apply to to businesses that have 15 or more employees.  After a 90 day start-period, employees would be entitled to earn sick and safe time based on their hours.  The ordinance would mandate the paid time for all employees except seasonal, contract, or student interns.

The full terms as the proposed ordinance currently reads is available on  the City of Duluth's website; click here to see it.

After additional feedback is gained from the community (via this public hearing and via other venues), the draft ordinance will be finalized and the first reading before the City Council is anticipated on March 12.

The ordinance has supporters and critics on both sides of the issue and head divided the local business and political community.

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