There are several annual traditions across the Northland that give us reminders that the seasons are about to change. Even though we're currently experiencing nice, warm temperatures, on such annual tradition was announced to remind us that Thanksgiving, and colder weather, are not too far away.

However, this annual tradition is a delicious one, so there will be plenty of people happy to have it back.

If you're not familiar with Burrito Union, located at 1332 E. 4th Street in Duluth, they are a locally owned restaurant that is a fun, eclectic place to eat and drink.

Burrito Union is a North Shore rustic, atmospheric Mexican cantina located on the adventurous and picturesque shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. We pride ourselves on serving Mexican cuisine that is both traditional and inspired originality.

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Their monthly burrito specials have become fan favorites and one of their most famous creations is the Thanksgiving Burrito. Each year, word travels fast whenever it's released and it becomes one of the "must-have" items in the Northland.

On Tuesday, Burrito Union celebrated November by announcing it had returned, along with a perfect beverage to wash it down. They made the announcement on their official Facebook page:

Our best-seller of the year, the Thanksgiving Burrito is BACK! Piled high with roasted white and dark turkey, sweet corn, stuffing, choice of mashed regular or sweet potatoes. Served with a side of turkey gravy and cranberry salsa. Pairs perfectly with our Fitger's Brewhouse Brewery and Grille Gale Force Cranberry Ale, also released today

The Burrito Union says the Thanksgiving Burrito is only available for the month of November, so you the if this is your jam, don't wait too long to get one. Also, no discounts apply to this one, including their popular $2 off Tuesdays.

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