Duluth's Best Bread Company a local bakery, located at 2632 W. Third St. in Duluth is actually thriving during this pandemic. Unlike other small businesses in the area the bakery is expanding it's operations. Since the start of the pandemic their business has actually increased with them now being open on Tuesdays and some part time employees have been moved up to full time.

Co-owner Robert Lillegard believes the increase in business is due to limited restaurant options and people wanting food that is homemade. Duluth's Best Bread Company has seen it's sales double since this same time last year. What has also helped as well is many loyal customers placing orders and gift cards being sold as well.

Lillegard said to Duluth News Tribune " We love our customers. (We're) so thankful, others are discovering the business for the first time. It's kind of like the girl next door. All of a sudden, everybody's seeing us for the first time."

Duluth's Best Bread is considered an essential business and has made sure to take extra precautions for the safety of staff and customers. Staff members sell only out of the store's front window and workers don't touch credit cards. They also sanitize all work spaces continually.

Duluth's Best Bread is also giving back to the community by partnering with fellow Lincoln Park business OMC Smokehouse to help support fellow neighborhood businesses during the pandemic. According to the Duluth News Tribune "Lillegard is writing the OMC Cookbook that's for sale as part of the initiative. Of the $50 cost, half goes to the cookbook while $15 will go to a Lincoln Park business of the buyer's choice and $10 will go to Lifting Lincoln Park, which will funnel money to neighborhood relief projects. People can also buy just the cookbook for $25."

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