The City of Duluth, along with Essentia Health, St. Luke’s, ISD709, St. Louis County, AICHO, and the Duluth Area Family YMCA has launched a Youth Mask Project.  They're looking for creative kids to design masks that they would feel comfortable wearing in public.

The goal is to normalize wearing a mask out in public, on a walk where there might be other people in close proximity, or in a store.

We know that the Coronavirus has been a challenging time for all of us. Since most youth recognize Halloween as the time of year to wear a mask as a part of a costume, seeing adults wear masks in public during the pandemic has been confusing.  We want to help families make this situation a little better, and hopefully brighter.


The design possibilities are endless!  Family, super heroes, nature, pets, the list goes on and on.  Here are the only criteria required to enter a design:

  1. Use bright colors to show your work.
  2. Create a digital scan of your design and email it to . If you don’t have a
    scanner no problem! Take a picture and email it to us.
  3. Include your name, age, and school in your submission.
  4. Have your parent or guardian sign the enclosed release form, and include that with your submission

You can follow the link below to access all the information including the guidelines, the release form, and the official mask template and submission form.

While there is not a city-wide mask mandate currently in Duluth, they are recommended in places where people might gather and some businesses do require them before entry.

The City of Minneapolis began their mandatory mask policy this week, which requires people over the age of 2 to wear a mask, or similar face covering, in most indoor locations where people gather.

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