We aren't out of the woods with winter just yet but we are starting to get a little taste of spring! Have you been wondering if this winter is colder than usual? It has certainly felt like it but now we know for sure.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel with winter, thanks to our seasonal signs that spring is near. For example, both the Dairy Queen in West Duluth and Two Harbors are open for the season, which is always a telltale sign spring is close.

Another great sign that spring is near is when Gordy's Hi-Hat announces its opening date. The spot closes each winter and when they announce their reopening date, it always means that spring is closer than we think. They are opening in the end of the month.

While we wait for a few other seasonal signs that spring is near, at least we know we are probably out of the worst of it when it comes to winter. We can't ever be exactly sure in the Twin Ports but most times, we get a handful of nice days that keep us hanging on.

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With spring close, the National Weather Service of Duluth shared some interesting statistics about this winter in the area. You may have asked yourself if this winter is colder than others, which is something we all ask ourselves at least once in the winter.

Now, we know that answer, for the Duluth area at least. According to NWS Duluth, this winter has in fact been colder than average. You aren't imagining it - it really has been noticeably colder!

Not only has it been colder than usual but it has been quite cooler than our average this time of the year! According to their post, Duluth has been about five degrees cooler than average this winter. Our average this time of year is about fifteen degrees.

I personally have not thought that this winter is colder than others. Maybe I am just used to it or maybe I just keep thinking back to last February when the entire month for the most part was terribly cold. Maybe anything compared to that doesn't feel too bad!

Riding out the rest of winter shouldn't be too bad! We are reacclimatized to the cold and the snow, plus late season storms don't seem as bad as we hold on to the hope it'll be the last one of the season. Ha!

Plus, if the Old Farmer's Almanac is right, the rest of the month should be a breeze. They are predicting really warm temperatures for this time of year and snow off and on. They are even predicting a few rain showers.

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