Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Although we may have a few nice days left in the forecast, hot and scorching weather is likely done for the year. Sigh.

WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz weighed in on this fact with an interesting statistic of his own on Tuesday (August 30th). Depending on how you feel about hot weather, you may or may not be a fan of what he has to say.

Speaking of WDIO, they recently shared some very exciting news: they are launching a new lifestyle show! The show will be hosted by anchor and reporter Baihly Warfield and will feature locals across the Northland.

It will also focus on hidden gems across the Northland, of which there are many. Plus, it will be heavily focused on engaging the community for thirty minutes every single weekday. It debuts in early September.

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Earlier in the day, you can catch Brandon Weatherz as he gives the weather forecast on WDIO! He always shares some fun tidbits of information that put things into perspective, like how hot or cool a season is compared to the year before.

That is exactly what he just shared on social media. He shared something I had no idea about: how this summer stacks up against last summer! He did this for various places across the Northland, including Duluth and Hibbing.

He looked into how many ninety-degree days certain spots had last summer in comparison to this summer. First of all, we really don't have that many ninety-degree days in Duluth especially, which isn't too surprising.

It also looks like last summer was way hotter than this summer! I remember last summer being brutally hot but I didn't think it was that much different than this year. The difference is astounding.

Yikes! I am happy we are beginning to feel somewhat like fall. I am not a fan of the super hot weather but I know I will regret saying that when winter rolls around.

As for fall, it will be here before we know it. The Weather Channel released a fall temperature outlook and it looks like we won't be seeing too drastic of a transition as we move from summer into fall in the Northland.

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