Organizers with Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps are looking to fill full-time and part-time tutor positions for a variety of Duluth Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year. The positions are open for application by anyone with a high school diploma.

From a time commitment, the choice is the applicants.  The program is seeking tutors at a variety of levels:  18, 25, or 35 hours per week.  Tutors receive a stipend every two weeks and can earn up to an additional $4,200 for student loans or tuition - which can be gifted to a family member if the tutor is 55 years or older.  Tutors can also qualify for a variety of other benefits - including free health insurance and child care assistance.

Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps will train any person who is ultimately selected for one of the tutor positions.  To apply, click here. You can also call 866-859-2825.

Here is a list of Duluth schools that have been awarded tutor positions for the 2019-2020 school tear:

  • Congdon Park Elementary
  • Homecroft Elementary
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • Laura MacArthur Elementary
  • Laura MacArthur Pre-K
  • Lowell Early Childhood Center
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Myers-Wilkins Elementary
  • Myers-Wilkins Pre-K
  • Piedmont Pre-K
  • Stowe Elementary
  • Stowe Pre-K




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