Another city facility is reopening for use by the general public.  The City of Duluth is sharing that the Washington Center Gym has reopened for rental use with COVID-19 regulations and protocols in place.

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According to the information released by the City of Duluth, people who are interested in using the facility need to meet the following guidelines/requirements:

  • Sports practices are allowed - after January 14.  Practice size will be limited to 25 or fewer people.  No spectators are allowed to attend the practices at this time.
  • Games and scrimmages are allowed - after January 14.  These will be pending future guidelines.
  • Face coverings must be worn by all participants at all times.  This includes during playing.
  • Social gatherings at the gym will not be allowed.  Participants should arrive and depart no more than ten minutes form their scheduled start and end times.
  • Pandemic operation plans must be submitted and approved by the City of Duluth Parks division before a rental begins.  Click here for more information.
  • A pandemic plan administrator will be responsible for communicating with the parks division and conducting health screenings on their participants, recording attendance, and ensuring guidelines are followed - including 6-feet of social distancing when not playing - and wearing masks during rental.

While it's good news that the Washington Center Gym is reopening for rentals, officials caution that it doesn't come without risks.  nick Budnik - a Parks Recreation Specialist offers:

"While we are excited to provide this outlet for the community to engage in sports, we must reiterate that engaging in group activities is not without risk. Parks and Recreation will continue to implement the current guidelines for sports activities from the Minnesota Department of Health."

To make a reservation or for questions, call 218-409-6166.


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