The return to school can be hard enough for students without having to worry about being on the receiving end of a potential scam.  As college students return to their classes, the Duluth Police are warning about a fresh scam that's making its rounds - targeting them.

The scam appears as a phone call from an individual stating that the student didn't fill out their college tuition papers correctly.  The scammer also mentions that the Duluth Police would intervene if they don't cooperate.  The net result is that this potential scammer is looking for financial information, account numbers and personal information that could be used maliciously.

If you're the target of one of these type of calls, the first thing to remember is to be smart.  Don't give out personal information over the telephone.  If the call was legitimate, you would be well within your right to go directly to the college in question to solve an potential problems.  Persons at the tail-end of one of these types of calls should also notify the authorities immediately.