Modern crime fighting has definitely gone high tech and that usually means a good payoff for law enforcement.  The Duluth Police Department is sharing video captured by a Ring doorbell of a person they have reason to believe is a suspect in a recent catalytic converter theft.

The department hopes that by sharing the video, someone will recognize the person, share those details with the police department, which will lead to the arrest of the person responsible.

According to the social media share by the Duluth Police Department, officers responded to a call on Sunday, February 13 at approximately 2:34 AM.  The person - located in the 1930 block of East Superior Street - reported that the catalytic converter on their vehicle had been cut off by a criminal.

Since the call, the reporting party shared the video that was captured by their Ring-brand door bell of a person running through their front yard, near their steps, who is believed to be a suspect in the case.

In order to apprehend the individual for questioning, the Duluth Police Department is sharing the video for the general public to see; their hope is that someone will be able to make an identification of the individual.  You can watch the video here for yourself:

If you can identify the person or if you have any information about the case to share, you're asked to contact the Duluth Police Department.  You can contact their Property and Financial Crimes Unit at 218-730-54160.  Or, you can call 911.  Be sure to reference case "ICR number 22020150".

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