The Duluth Police Department will experience a historic moment this week when they officially welcome their first ever mother-daughter police duo.

According to their Tuesday, January 11, Facebook post, the Officer Angela Robertson as been a Duluth Police Officer since 2009, and later this week her daughter Maddy Robertson will be sworn in as a new officer.

Officer Angela Robertson started as a patrol officer and is now part of one of the Duluth Police Department's nationally recognized and innovative programs, the CORE Unit, along with the Crisis Negotiators Team (CNT), Peer Support, and Honor Guard. Officer Angela Robertson was also named the 2011 Officer of the Year.

She has served in numerous roles and now her daughter is poised to do the same.

“The community wants to see themselves in our police officers. Having both Angela and Maddy be part of the Duluth Police Department is a testament to the Duluth Police Department’s focus on hiring more diversity,” said Chief Mike Tusken. “It is not uncommon for families engaged in public service to appreciate the nobility in the work of helping people. We are focused on having a police department that reflects the people in our community.”

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Officer Angela Robertson says that she is humbled by having the opportunity to work with her daughter in the same department, adding that in a male-dominated profession, she's honored to have her daughters "resiliency, strength, and selflessness be part of DPD”.

Maddy graduated from Fond du Lac with a law enforcement and criminal justice degree in 2020 and was a Community Service Officer for two years with the Duluth Police Department. She says she excited to start her career with her mother as a mentor.

The Swearing In Ceremony will be held Friday, January 14, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. in the Public Safety Building Training Room in Duluth. Due to COVID, there will be limited attendance, but the everyone is invited to watch the ceremony via Facebook Live.

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