Our news partners at WDIO report that the Duluth Police Department will add additional patrols after the report of an abduction attempt in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

The report states that a man wearing a mask asked a child to get into his vehicle, which is a dark blue Toyota Prius. The family of the child reported the incident, which happened around 4 pm on Tuesday on the 5200 block of East Avondale Street, to Duluth Police. When officers responded, the individual had left the area.

Police are asking for anyone with more information, or anyone who has seen anything suspicious to call 911. The department is also requesting anyone reporting crimes or suspicious activity to make note of as many details as possible. Uniquely identifiable things like a description of the clothing, approximate height and weight, hair color, or things like tattoos or other things can be helpful. Also, if there is a vehicle involved, the make and model, vehicle color, and other unique identifiers like bumper stickers, noticeable vehicle damage, or other unique markings can be very helpful.


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