We all know people who like to complain about the direction of the city in which they live, but how many are willing to actually to step up and take a leadership role?

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson reached out to Duluthians through her Facebook page to encourage volunteering for a City board or commission to advise leaders on topics they are most passionate about.



There are many Duluth boards and commissions currently seeking volunteers, including:

  • Alcohol-Gambling and Tobacco Commission: The commission investigates every license application to sell alcoholic beverages within the City and, after such an investigation, makes an advisory recommendation to the City Council for granting or refusing licenses.
  • Civil Service Board: The Civil Service Board oversees matters relating to civil service employment with the approval of the City Council.
  • Duluth Public Arts Commission: The Duluth Public Arts Commission advocates for, promotes and participates in the selection and interpretation of public artwork and public arts events in Duluth. It also assists the city in the development and maintenance of an ongoing Municipal Arts Plan.
  • Duluth Indigenous Commission: The Indigenous Commission (previously known as the American Indian Commission) works to ensure that the views of the Indigenous Community are incorporated in the decision-making, future planning, and stewardship of the city of Duluth.
  • Parks & Recreation Commission: Our mission is to act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, City Council, Parks and Recreation Division and other agencies and organizations in matters related to Duluth City Park & Recreation programs and facilities.
  • Building Appeals Board (specific positions include: Registered Architect, Residential Construction & Commercial Construction): Hears and determines appeals from decisions of the code official interpreting or enforcing the DLC Ch 29A Duluth Housing Code, decisions from the fire chief arising under DLC Ch 21 and the State Fire Code, and appeals from building official orders under DLC Ch 10 related to demolition orders and moving or wrecking buildings.
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Joining a board or commission is a great way for residents to get out the cheap seats and start turning words into action.  You can follow the button below to get an overview of all Duluth boards and commissions, including a link to apply for vacancies.

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