The Northland will have representation on a national advisory board that deals with the challenges facing cities, towns, villages, and communities.  Duluth Mayor Emily Larson was elected to serve a two-year term on the National League of Cities (NLC) Board.  Along with her peers, the Mayor will "provide strategic direction and guidance for NLC's federal advocacy, governance, and membership activities".

Board members are selected by a 15-member nominating committee and are confirmed by a vote from NLC's membership at the organizations annual business meeting.

According to details shared by the City of Duluth, as a member of the board, Mayor Larson will meet in March, June, and November to guide NLC's strategic direction. As NLC President Victoria Woodwards - who is also the Mayor of Tacoma, Washington - suggests, the work is both crucial and beneficial at the same time:

"The National League of Cities Board of Directors is critical in guiding our organization's priorities and policies.  NLC's Board is made of a group ot incredible and diverse leaders, and I look forward to working closely together with them to advance priorities for cities, towns, and villages across the country."

The election will also provide invaluable connections for the Northland and provide a "seat at the table" for national decisions. Mayor Larson explains:

"I'm so excited and honored to represent Duluth in this way with the NLC.  Their presence and our work with the National League of Cities elevated Duluth to a national stage, allowing us to share our best practices with communities and municipalities across the nation, and to deepen our federal relationships to secure broader sources of funding for our projects.  It's a really exciting and enriching set of relationships this connection allows us to have, and my position on the Board of Directors is a big win for  the City of Duluth."

The national position for Larson comes as she wraps up a one-year term as Chair of the Energy Environment and Natural Resources Federal Policy Committee.

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