Duluth resident Steven Peterson was returning to the Twin Ports from a trip to Missouri, when he saw a deer trapped in the ice on Kettle River near Interstate 35 north of Sandstone.

Peterson explained to the Duluth News Tribune that he felt obligated to help the struggling creature, and while he admitted calling 911 for professional help may have been the recommended solution, but he explained in an a written account of the happenings "being a deaf individual, I knew the struggle to communicate with the police would take too long. I knew if I tried my best, I might be able to save this animal."

Peterson made his way through thick brush slowly onto the icy river with a tow strap and thick branch to help the ice-covered deer out of the water. He admitted in the DNT interview that ice thickness was a concern, considering warnings from the DNR about ice thickness lately; but he proceeded slowly and carefully and frequently judged the ice as he went.

After the rescue, Peterson recorded a video showing the rescued deer as he recapped the happenings in sign language, naming the deer "Miss Ice River." He remained with the deer for about an hour, until it seemed the creature was well enough to be on its way.