More excitement builds for next year's Grandma's Marathon Weekend which will be at full capacity.

2021 Grandma's Marathon Weekend was a Pandemic altered weekend but has the green light to go all the way. Race organizers say in a press release that 20,000 racers can participate in the 2022 Races.

This year Grandma's Week will be held on June 16-18. The races break down this way, with 9,000 entries available for Grandma’s Marathon, 8,000 entries for the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, and 2,700 entries for the William A. Irvin 5K. Plus there will be 1,200 entries into the Great Grandma’s Challenge.

Zach Schneider Marketing and Public relations director told me that he is excited to run everything at full capacity after having to run it at half capacity this year. He said they had a plan to run 2021 at full but the timing didn't work out with state mandates.

Zach went on to say that he is hoping people that skipped the races will take part and people that ran it this past year will come back and see what the full speed race and festivities look like in order to enjoy the real Grandma's Marathon weekend.

Registration for the three-weekend races is first-come-first-served and opens on Friday, October 1 at 7 pm central standard time. You can register by going to the official web page for Grandma's Marathon at

One thing people need to know is even though Grandma's Marathon is aiming to put on a full marathon weekend, it may change if health mandates are put in place. GM will follow any state guidelines. That means, things could change, but they are not expecting them to.

Grandma’s Marathon weekend races are subject to a tiered pricing system, and will change as time goes by, here are the prices to sign up

Grandma’s Marathon
October 1-October 15 --- $120
Virtual --- $110

Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
October 1-October 15 --- $110
Virtual --- $100

William A. Irvin 5K
October 1-October 15 --- $40
Virtual --- $35

Also, if you register for Grandma’s Marathon by December 31, 2021, you will get an offer to purchase a commemorative jacket for a discounted price of $20. The price of the jacket will increase to $40 on January 1.

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