Emergencies happen and when they do, we're thankful for the response teams that arrive to help.  From the fire and police department to EMT's, the needed assistance is fast-arriving. They make immediate decisions and get the people involved the care they need.

But what about our pets?  Too often we hear about emergency situations - like structure fires or car accidents - where the outcome isn't as positive.

That's the driving force behind a new partnership formed between the Duluth Fire Department and the Duluth Veterinary Hospital.  The business has made a donation of "pet-sized" medical equipment that the fire fighters can use on their emergency calls and has offered to provide advance medical training to the department to "prepare them for calls....involving pets".

Thanks to the hospital, the department now has things like oxygen masks in different sizes, leashes, and medical supplies to fill animal rescue kits.

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The need for appropriate medical care for pets is often greater than that for humans.  In details released by the City of Duluth, firefighter Tony Schilling offered:

"Animal rescues make up a higher percentage than humans when responding to structure fires because people can generally get out on their own.  Saving pets has always been a high priority for us.  Until recently, we didn't have the equipment of the training needed to treat animals.  With businesses like the Duluth Veterinary Hospital stepping up to donate the equipment, supplies, nd training we need, we can provide a better service to the public."

Animal rescue and care is nothing new for the Duluth Fire Department.  In 2014, both department, along with the one in Hermantown, applied for grant money to help them obtain animal oxygen masks.   In 2018, the Duluth Fire Department started "implementing more robust rescue kits on all rigs in the City of Duluth" as demand grew.  In the fall of 2018, all members of the department received training on the medical treatment of animals.  Since then, the department estimates that "hundreds of pets" have been rescued from structure fires, car accidents, and other emergency situations.

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