A black bear was discovered Wednesday morning, napping high up in a tree in front of the Duluth City Hall near the intersection of 4th Avenue West and 1st Street. Despite traffic, construction noise, and dozens of curious spectators stopping by, the bear seemed quite content to lounge around in the tree through the morning and into the early part of Wednesday afternoon.

While the rare, but not unheard of sight of the bear drew the curiosity of several, police cautioned onlookers about the wild animal and the unpredictability of its movements. Shortly after 1:00 pm, a crew of officers showed up to block off the section of 4th Avenue West near City Hall, just as the bear was slowly starting to make a move down the tree.

The bear slowly climbed down the tree on its own will, taking about 20 minutes to scale down to ground level before it bolted away. It milled around behind City Hall for a time, before finding a home in a new tree in front of the building.

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