With all of the lakes and rivers in our area, the fight to control aquatic invasive species has take the center stage for good reason; since becoming an issue more than three decades ago, local water management agencies have made the fight to stop their spread a top priority. Now, the City of Duluth is ready to unveil an innovative step along those lines.

Duluth's first CD3 Station - a waterless boat cleaning station - will be located at the Munger Landing.  The station helps to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species in our area.  The new station is part of the Wildlife Forever Clean Drain Dry Initiative - an umbrella project that works statewide to educate outdoor recreational users on their role in the prevention of the spread of invasive species.

This new tool is truly innovative in that it doesn't use water.  Users pull their boats and trailers near and use a wet/dry vacuum, blower, and tethered hand tools to clean their vessels.  The CD3 station is also high-tech in that it has internet technology on board to allow natural resource managers to track visitor use and functionality.

To learn more about CD3 stations, click here.  To read more about aquatic invasive species, click here.


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