One of the most beautiful places to spend time is by Lake Superior, watching the sunset or coming up over the lake, you can't beat it.

So many  Beaches around the Duluth/Superior area. When the wind gets stronger it can lead to rip currents. Lake Superior can become dangerous. The Fire Department will issue a Red Flag warning to let you know things can lead to something wrong. A Red Flag Warning means that wind and/or wave conditions support deadly rip currents or other life-threatening conditions.

When the Duluth Fire Department issues a Red Flag Warning, everyone should stay out of the water regardless of the swimming experience. Notifications are posted at; 12th St beach, Lafayette Square, and Park Point beach. More information on conditions and rip currents can be found by visiting the National Weather Service Duluth website, or you can check out the Park Point conditions website.

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There are also many drop-offs located along the beach and tides and waves that can knock you off balance, it is important to swim with a buddy or have someone on shore that is constantly watching you. The water can sweep you under and out so fast that you can't call for help. If you don't believe me, get on an intertube and just get in the water and see how fast the lake will take you out and away from the place you started.

There are lifeguards in some areas at Park Point that doesn't mean people should take a risk and swim with a false sense of safety. All those risks are still there. Plus, the lifeguards are there only from noon to 5, with July 4th having different hours.

There is a good website for keeping kids safe, it's got a lot of pool facts but a lot fo the rules for being safe also apply to the lake. Visit Safe Kids.

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