Duluth Police are asking the public to help out a case that is currently being investigated.

According to the Duluth Police Facebook page, yesterday September 11th, Duluth Police responded to alarms around the 1000 block of 88tha Avenue West around 9 pm. It was reported by the person that called the authorities that there had been an armed robbery. The suspect in the picture had a gun, made the robbery, and then got away on foot.

The location was updated with the post below that it took place at the Speedway in Morgan Park. The individual is described as a Black or Native American male, they had on gloves, a camouflage sweatshirt, and had a bright orange covering on their face, which could be a scarf or part of a sweatshirt.

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The Duluth Police are reporting that there were no injuries from the armed robbery, which is good, but the Duluth Police still need your help as they would like to catch this person for the crime committed.

The Duluth Police say on their Facebook page that this person is considered to be dangerous because of their "disregard to public safety". They went on to say this person is a threat to the public until they can bring them in and find justice for the victim.

The Duluth Police say they need anyone that might know something, saw something, or heard something to please come forward with any information and call 9-1-1. So far, this is all the information they have, but they have released this picture on their Facebook page hoping someone might know something.

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