Depending on which news account you buy into, the Drought of 2012 is going to have an affect on your Halloween/fall pumpkin crop.  However, it's how big of an effect that's still to be determined.

Some accounts say that the dry conditions we've seen this summer have stifled the crop of orange pumpkins.  These same news accounts are predicting that consumers will have a tough time finding pumpkins in stores and road-side stands;  They also predicts that the vegetables that customers DO find will be priced higher that we've ever seen.

But there are news stories from reliable sources that disagree with this verdict.

These sources cite a reliable amount of pumpkins in the fields - albeit the size and shape of the gourds isn't as robust as usual.  The farmers who have a considerable amount of pumpkins say that they're just not as large in size.  In other words - no one's winning the records for "largest pumpkin" this year.

What have you encountered in your area?  If you're a farmer - how has your crop been?  Have you been affected by the dry conditions this summer?

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