This is a bad look all around. A motorist passing through Minnesota got three tickets - in just one hour. Yikes.

This all went down earlier this month - on February 16th to be exact. It occurred in Pipestone County, which is located in the southwestern portion of the state.

Minnesota State Patrol shared the story on their Facebook page Wednesday (February 26th) writing the following:

If you feel the need for speed, we feel the need to ticket you. Three times, in fact. It’s that simple.

A trooper stopped a vehicle on Highway 23 in Pipestone County on Feb. 16 for going 115 mph in a 60 mph zone. The driver had been stopped a few minutes earlier by a Pipestone County deputy and cited for 92 mph in a 60 mph zone.

After releasing the driver, our trooper noticed the vehicle speeding again. For the third time in a less than an hour, another trooper stopped and cited the motorist for speeding. Oh, and for not wearing a seat belt.


Yup, that guy deserves to be ticketed. It blows my mind that he never stopped speeding, even after receiving TWO tickets.

The Minnesota State Patrol also said the obvious:the speed limit is the law and not a suggestion. Don't be like this guy. Simple as that. Ha!

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