With all the snow we have received in the area, snowplow drivers are doing their jobs, they plow in mailboxes to clear the road.

I'm not saying anything bad about the snowplow drivers. All I'm saying is we need to do our job if we want mail delivery. Our job is t clear them out.

According to the US Postal Service postal carriers can use their discretion if access to the curbside residential mailboxes has been impeded by the snow accumulations. For all they know, there is glare ice under the snow if you mail delivery is to your house, or you have a drift left by the plow that is 6 feet tall. If you have curbside delivery, they can't even get to the boxes and that makes it hard to get you your mail.

All you need to do is spend 10 minutes cleaning out the snow in front of and around the mailbox or PO boxes at your home or apartment. That way it will be safer for them to deliver and to get to.

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