The County name came from the fact that all the guys are from Douglas County, that started the band. My latest stop in the Twin Ports Music Tour.

The understanding was if you are from Superior it was Soup-Town, if you are from Douglas County, it's the County. That was the thinking when they started. Byron Little got together with his brother Warren, an acoustic guitar, and made a setlist of everything they wanted to play. Added the other members and practiced 5 times and played their first show. It went so well that they knew they were on to something.

They even have a funny story. They played an early show and featured a song called "The Reason" by Hoobastank. it was not going well and so they all agreed that was the last time they would play it. Sometime later they were hired for a wedding gig. When a couple of people celebrating birthdays came up to request a song, guess which one they asked for? Yep, that one!.

The County is made up of:

Byron Little- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Warren Little- Lead Vocals
Jeff Little- Drums, Vocals
Rueben Wehmanen- Bass
Dave Draper-Guitar, Vocals

They feature a variety of covers and play quite often. You can find all of their online hookups below to find out when they play again.

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