Going solar is easier than ever these days as the costs of the necessary equipment continues to decline with each passing year.  Many people here in the Northland have added solar panels to their existing homes allowing them to subsidize or (in some cases) replace their utilities.

One of the questions, though that often comes up is whether or not your home gets enough sunlight to warrant the initial capital costs to install solar panels.  With our northern location and the lack of year-round warm temperatures, it's a valid concern.

Well, a local non-profit has put together an interactive map to allow you a "solar look" at your property.  Duluth-based Ecolibrium3 concerns itself with local energy matters.  Their website includes an interactive map that allows you to enter your address for a look at how much solar potential your home, garage, and outbuildings have.

It's a pretty neat website to try out.

What is the solar potential of your property?

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