You show up to a garage sale or rummage sale and there it is, a rare item that you know is worth money, what do you do?

I know, you are saying that it's too early to go to garage sales, it's too cold and we don't know if COVID will get better. Well, let's plan early. When you are at a garage sale, you spy something that is worth a little money. Do you get it and walk away? Do you pick it up and go tell that person, it's worth money, you should keep this? Or, the mean choice, do you buy it then tell them it's worth money?

I guess I would answer it this way. If they want to get rid of it, you should buy it. It might be worth millions, so you should buy it  then sell it. They could have done the work to research it and then made the money themselves. So, my answer is to buy it and walk away.

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The second part to this question. Do you know it's worth big money? do you really know that it might be one of a kind Chinese vase and you could get 10 million right now by taking a picture in your car and selling it on your phone. No, anyone who knows that much about an item deserves to profit from the find.

What is there really at garage sales that you are going to make big money off of. Nothing, usually it's broken toasters, old games, shoes, and clothing. There might be something there worth some money? You won't know that it is even if you were staring right at it. Just have fun at a garage sale.

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