I'm writing this at the start of April in Northern Minnesota, and while there is still some snow hanging around, temps are warmer and that generally means grilling season starts to ramp up.  It's also the season where people look at upgrading or replacing their current grill.

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You might have a nice setup where grilling outside all year long is a little bit easier, and while I keep at least one grill outside all winter, I rarely use it during the winter.  Despite how grilled food tastes, it's just not the most fun being out there in the elements.  It certainly is easier if you rock a gas grill.

I've had both gas and charcoal grills throughout my grilling career, and I truly do enjoy both.  Currently we rock a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, a Char-Griller Flat-Top Griddle, and a Char-Griller Charcoal Grill.  With this combination, we pretty much have grilling needs covered.  Still, what's better?  A charcoal or gas grill?

It all comes down to what you like and prefer taste wise, and also how patient you are when grilling.  The pros of a gas grill are of course that the heat to cook the meat doesn't take long at all, and you don't have to mess with lighting charcoal and waiting.  It's also generally easier to cook for big groups with a gas grill and managing the heat isn't as much of a challenge. The con to having gas is that your food won't have the flavor profiles that you get with charcoal and the various kinds of charcoal that are available now.



Charcoal grilled foods will almost always taste better than gas grilled, but taste is subjective.  Some individuals also don't like any char on their food, which I really enjoy.  My favorite thing to grill is chicken wings, and I can rock some bomb wings on a gas grill, but when I grill them with charcoal, it's next level good.

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Charcoal grills can be a little more maintenance too, with cleaning out the old ash and unburned coals.  You still need to clean gas grills, but that's usually not as much of a chore compared to charcoal.  What's the best route to go then?

If you're not grilling for larger groups or a larger family on the regular and you like to enjoy a cocktail waiting for the coals to get ready, go with charcoal.  If you like to entertain but also value your time, go with gas.  You can also look at investing in a charcoal and gas grill combo and get the best of both worlds, though you will sacrifice some grilling space if you only run one side at a time.  Do you prefer gas or charcoal grilling?

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