An anonymous donor has come forward to replace baskets and realign the course to make it player friendly again.

The story is a member of the Morgan Park Community Club contacted the Parks and Recreation Division in Spring 2018 with a mission to partner with the Lake Superior Disc Golf Community and Parks and Recreation to replace the baskets and realign the course to better suit the park infrastructure and avoid holes that played through populated areas such as the playground. The new baskets were installed by Park Maintenance staff on August 2nd.

According to the Disc Golf website, the rules are quite similar to the rules used in the game of “Club Golf”, including the matter of courtesy. It is only fair that your opponent’s turn to throw be without distraction, just as you would like it to be for yours. Do not throw your disc until you are sure it's flight or landing, will not distract another player. Each hole starts with a tee-off, followed by subsequent throws until players reach the basket. Scoring is the same as ball golf. A stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is imposed. Strokes are totaled to arrive at the game score. If completing in groups, the players with the fewest strokes win. See disc golf rules for recreational play for more detailed rules.

Please call Duluth Parks and Recreation 218-730-4300 for questions.

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