Elon Musk's Starlink satellites have been in the skies for quite some time now. More of them are being launched periodically to provide internet across the globe. Every once in a while you can see them come across the night sky as a row of lights. Sometimes they have been mistaken for UFOs, but they are easily identified as they look like a row of lights sweeping through the sky.

Friday night many people were able to see them with the clear sky. I saw several people post photos to Facebook and in awe of the lights in the sky. I did have a message from a friend of mine, Herman who got a clear pictures sent by his friend Davena. She was camping near Trego, WI and they were able to get this shot.

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According to my friend Herman, they saw the lights about 10:30 on Friday night just outside of Solon Springs. You can see a live map of where the Starlink satellites are in orbit over earth.

Starlink is currently in their beta phase of operations. They say that during this phase, users can see datat speeds from 50Mb/s to 150 Mb/s with latency between 20ms-40ms. For now there could be brief periods of no connectivity. As they launch more satelittles and build more ground stations they expect to dramatically improve data speed, latency, and uptime.

Depending on your service area you can actually order it now. I just did a look for internet at our family's remote hunting property. It's not available now, but they expect by the end of 2021 it will be ready. The hardware cost is $499, with the service costing $99 a month.

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