It's a little different story, not set in the same backdrop of Minneapolis or the same struggle, but does outline the struggle in Nigeria.

The website Dangerous Minds shares the plot and story. The re-imagined story is about a musician named Mdou Moctar, who travels through the desert with his guitar, riding his motorcycle. The story is set in in the city of Agadez in Niger.

It's told as if the guitars are guns and the battles are like classic gun battles between gunslingers when really it's a Crossroads like battle between players. Akounak traves to battles to establish himself as a guitar hero by defeating the other player to establish yourself as the fastest and best player in order to gain a reputation and respect in the community.

He rides a purple motorcycle, like Prince, and takes on guitar slinger after guitar slinger. The story does include some good music according to critics in Niger. I think the music isn't as moving as the music in our Purple Rain.


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