I have readily admitted that I am not much of an outdoors person, unless it pertains to sitting on a beach. So camping for me seems pretty daunting and expensive since I don't even own a sleeping bag. But I found some places that rent everything you need.

For the occasional camper who does not want to invest a ton of money in equipment renting is the ideal situation. In some areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin they have outfitters, which generally rent out cabins along with canoes, kayaks etc. But some of them also rent out tents and other equipment.

Locally both UMD and University Wisconsin Superior have outdoor gear rental for all seasons and you do not need to be a student to rent the equipment. They have everything from tents, camping stoves, sleeping bags, back packs etc. This is a great option if you have never camped before or only do it on occasion.

UMD's Recreational Sports Outdoor Program rents gear out of their Sports & Health Center on University Drive. They offer rates on gear for 1 day, weekend, or full week (7 day) trips. Rates tend to be quite reasonable, with single day rates for things like a tent in the range of $6.50-12.00/day, depending on your choice of tent. They also rent other outdoor items beyond camping gear, including cross-country skis, ice skates, and more. You can see the whole equipment rundown and rates here.

UWS's Superior Adventures Rental and Repair offers many similar items as UMD's program, extending beyond camping gear to things like canoes, coolers, and kayaks. Prices for renting this gear are similarly reasonably priced, making it easy to get out to enjoy the outdoors. You can see the full equipment/price list here.

If you are looking for Outfitters in Minnesota, Explore Minnesota has compiled a list of 40 of them throughout the state.



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